The 4,000–year History of the Jewish People and Israel

Judaism, Zionism, and the Land of Israel

INDISPENSABLE. With passion, clarity, eloquence, and most of all, love, Yotav Eliach lays out the story of Zionism and the case for Israel. At a time when that story is under systemic attack, Rabbi Eliach has given the Jewish people an indispensable gift.

Yossi Klein Halevi, author of We Were Like Dreamers


The 4,000–year religious, ideological, and historical story of the Jewish nation is brought into stunning clarity by a leading authority on the subject. Required reading in schools across the country, the book has transformed the conversation on the subject of modern Israel and its inseparable connection to the Jewish people. The realm of international law and diplomacy and indeed the aspirations of Jewish people have been impacted by the deep mining of religious, historical and political precepts. Nominated for the National Jewish Book Award.

What People are Saying...

MAKING THE CASE. The case for Israel must be made anew in every generation and to every audience. Rabbi Eliach has been making the case to egnerations of high school students. Now he brings his insights and experience to a general public that is desperately in need of history and current realities.
Alan Dershowitz, author of Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law.

INCISIVE. A dramatic and incisive journey into Jewish and Zionist history that will uplift any reader - academic or religious - into a new understanding of Israel and its place in history - and our future.
Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust

TURNING POINT. This book was a turning point in my understanding of our people and our homeland.
Juda Engelmayer, Herald PR

About the Author

Rabbi Yotav Eliach is the principal of the prestigious Rambam Mesivta in Long Island, NY. He has studied and taught Israeli and Jewish history for decades. His book Zionism, Judaism, and the Land of Israel frames the emergence of the modern state of Israel in Biblical and historical references.